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5 Clinical Trial Facts All Participants Need to Know

Feb 15, 2022

If you’re thinking about joining a clinical trial, then you probably have questions about the process. After all, medical research can be intimidating! Luckily though, there is nothing to worry about. Below, we’ll share 5 clinical trial facts to help you understand what happens during your journey. 1- Patient Safety

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RSV in Elderly People: Important Information for Seniors

Jan 30, 2022

RSV is a serious condition that can affect people of all ages. However, elderly people are especially at risk. So what exactly is this disease and how can you stay protected? Read on to learn about RSV in elderly patients- and what doctors are doing about it. What is RSV?

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Flu Shot Anxiety? Here’s How to Conquer Your Needle Fears.

Jan 15, 2022

Getting your annual flu shot is one of the quickest and easiest ways to protect your health. And while this might sound like a basic fact, for people with needle phobias, it’s not so simple. Flu shot anxiety can be very serious. For many patients, it actually prevents them from

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Vaccine and Antibiotics: What Do Patients Need to Know?

Dec 30, 2021

Both antibiotics and also vaccines have revolutionized public health. However, there are plenty of myths floating around about both of these tools. Can patients get vaccinated while on antibiotics? Can antibiotics make a vaccine less effective? And most importantly- do I really need these treatments? We’ll answer your top questions

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Is It Possible to get a Flu Shot Too High on the Arm?

Dec 15, 2021

Are you experiencing pain after getting your annual flu shot? For lots of people, arm pain is an unfortunate side effect. And while this pain is normal, many people worry that it’s caused by a shot that was administered in the wrong spot. Is it possible to get a flu

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UTI vs. STD: How are the Symptoms Different?

Nov 30, 2021

Urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases can both cause a wide range of discomfort- as well as long-term health issues if left untreated. They are also both very common conditions that sometimes have overlapping symptoms. So what are the key differences between UTI vs. STD symptoms? And how can

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The Importance of Patient Experience in Clinical Trials

Nov 15, 2021

Clinical trials are important for both researchers and also for patients. Of course, when we think about the importance of these trials, we usually think about how successful the treatments are. However, patient experience in clinical trials is just as critical. So what are trials like from a patient’s perspective-

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Pros and Cons of the Shingles Vaccine

Oct 30, 2021

The shingles vaccine can help you avoid a potentially serious condition. However, lots of people are nervous about getting a vaccine to protect themselves. So what are the pros and cons of the shingles vaccine- and is it right for you? Get the answers in the article below. Is Shingles

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Do Face Masks for COVID-19 Expire?

Oct 15, 2021

At this point, most of us know the importance of face coverings for COVID safety. Since we’ll probably need masks for a while longer, it’s a good idea to grab a few extra to have handy. But how many masks are too many? Do face masks expire? Read on to

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Vaccine Variant? What Patients Should Know About the Delta Variant

Sep 30, 2021

COVID-19 is still spreading in the United States. And like many viruses, it’s mutating as it spreads. You’ve probably heard a lot about the Delta variant of COVID-19 lately. This newer strain of COVID is now the most common form of the disease in the USA. With Delta spreading rapidly,

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