Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a serious autoimmune disease that, in most cases, begins in middle-age, attacks a person’s joints, and affects women more frequently than men. The root cause of the disease is still under investigation, but it is considered an inflammatory autoimmune system disorder. Rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials are underway seeking improved treatment options, and progress is being made. Nevertheless, considerable work remains to be done. With RA, the body’s immune system, which is designed to protect the body from infections and diseases, instead attacks the body itself, principally tissues around the joints. The result is joint pain, swelling, inflammation, and reduced mobility.

For individuals suffering from RA, the best treatment is early detection and use of therapies that slow the progress of the disease, reduce joint damage and its associated pain, and improve patient physical functioning. There is no known cure for RA although research is on-going. At DM Clinical Research, we are currently conducting rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials working to advance the understanding of RA and improve treatments. At this time, we are actively working with the medical community studying enhanced medications that can control or, even, prevent joint damage, decrease pain, and improve joint movement.

Our researchers conducting the rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials are seeking trial participants to join our study. If selected as a participant, you will receive the latest RA medications which may help control your RA symptoms and reduce pain and joint damage. To qualify for this trial, you must be eighteen years of age or older, been diagnosed as having RA, and be taking medications for the treatment of RA. Trial participants will receive all RA treatments and medications free of charge. In addition, volunteers also receive, free of charge, doctor visits, all trial materials, lab work, and, in many cases, participants will be compensated for time and travel.

If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been diagnosed with RA and are receiving treatments, then there may be a significant benefit to participating in our rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial. The new therapies offered under this program may help improve the patient’s RA symptoms and, consequently, the patient’s quality of life.

DM Clinical Research is a leading research organization involved in testing new medicines and treatments for a variety of conditions. Our rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial is just one of the many medical studies currently underway. If you believe you may qualify for our RA research trial or any other of our clinical studies, please give our office a call and speak with one of our professional staff. They will be glad to answer your questions and explain our research trials process. Our rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial direct line is 281-401-9803. Should you need general information about DM Clinical Research or one of our other medical trials, please call our main number at, 281-577-0550. New approaches to RA treatments can provide important benefits to anyone suffering from this debilitating disease. Call today to get started.