Become an Ambassador!

Sign up for our Ambassador Program and receive $100 for every referral that is enrolled in a study!

Through participation in the Ambassador Program, you can help spread the word to your family and friends. Because referrals save us costs in outreach, we do offer compensation as follows:

  • When you sign up for the Ambassador Program on our website, you will receive a customized link to the campaign page, which you can share on social media, via text or your messaging app.
  • For anyone who signs up through that link will automatically be marked as your referral. Going through that link is the only way we will be able to record that connection. Direct call in without prior web sign ups cannot be tracked.
  • Everyone who signs up will not qualify. If they end up qualifying and enrolling in the study, you will be sent the referral compensation as a gift card.
  • Depending on the start times of the trials and when they are scheduled, it may take a few weeks or months before they complete the steps to successfully enroll. We endeavor to send out the referral compensation within a month of the enrollment.
  • There is no limit or cap to the number of referrals or compensation individuals in the Ambassador program may earn.