Are your loved ones refusing the COVID vaccine? This can be a frustrating situation. While the data shows that vaccines are safe and effective, there are still a few myths about them that persist. So what should you do if your friend or family member is refusing the covid vaccine? In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to start a conversation with your loved one.

Listen to Their Concerns

New things can be scary, and the vaccine is no exception. If your loved one is refusing the COVID vaccine, then they might be worried about a certain aspect of vaccination. Are they worried about side effects? Do they think there will be negative health consequences? Listen to their fears to better understand where they are coming from.

Give Them Information

After you understand your loved one’s fears, you can then share information that addresses their specific concerns. There is plenty of information available online from the CDC and the World Health Organization, as well as plenty of news from local physicians, too. By sharing real science, you can help your loved one rely less on social media and other illegitimate news sources.

Be Respectful

COVID-19 can be an emotional topic, especially when discussing vaccines. Even if you disagree with your friend or family member, be respectful when discussing vaccinations. You won’t convince anyone to get the shot by getting upset with them. Sharing the facts in a calm and collected manner is the best way to gain your loved one’s trust on the topic.

Talk to a Doctor

Finally, it’s best to bring in a trusted authority figure. If your loved one won’t listen to you, then suggest they talk to a doctor about whether or not the vaccine is right for them. A doctor will be able to share facts and figures with your loved one, as well as personal anecdotes from administering the COVID vaccine.

DM Clinical Research Can Help

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