At this point, most of us know the importance of face coverings for COVID safety. Since we’ll probably need masks for a while longer, it’s a good idea to grab a few extra to have handy. But how many masks are too many? Do face masks expire? Read on to get the facts on your mask stockpile.

Is Stockpiling Really a Good Idea?

Firstly, let’s talk about stockpiling. We all remember what it was like to run out of cleaning items- or toilet paper- in the early days of the pandemic. These supply chain issues were mostly caused by people stockpiling items, or buying far more of something than they actually need. Of course, there is nothing wrong with keeping extra supplies around. But preparing supplies for a year- or more- is just unnecessary. Plus, it makes it harder for others to get supplies, too.

Do Face Masks Expire?

Another issue with stockpiling? Items often expire before a person is even able to use them. This leads many to wonder- do face masks expire, too? Disposable face masks will have an expiration date on their packaging. While the mask will still be wearable after this date, it might not be as effective at protecting you. However, an expired face mask is still better than no face mask at all!

What About Reusable Masks?

If you want to stock up on face masks, then it’s a good idea to buy reusables. These masks do not expire and are easy to clean and reuse. This means that you can have as many masks as you need- without collecting disposable products. It’s a simple and eco-friendly way to protect yourself.

Staying Safe Against COVID-19

While it’s important to have enough face masks, it’s just as important to remember to use them correctly! Wear the mask firmly, covering both your nose and mouth. Be sure to dispose of single-use masks after wearing them and wash all reusable masks after each use.

Book Your COVID-19 Vaccine Today

Keeping a few extra disposable masks around is an easy and effective way to protect against COVID-19. But of course, the best way to stay protected is to get the COVID vaccine. The vaccine is safe, reliable, and free! Call us today to book your vaccine.