Pain is never pleasant, whether you suffer from short-term or long-term discomfort. But what is the difference between chronic pain vs. acute pain? Is one worse than the other? What can these types of pain tell you about your health? Get the facts on chronic pain vs. acute pain below.

Chronic Pain Vs. Acute Pain

Acute pain is usually pain that happens very suddenly. It’s the primary response to an illness or injury and resolves itself after the illness or injury is treated. Types of acute pain include broken bones, cuts and scrapes, or headaches during a cold or flu episode. Pain that lasts for three or more months is chronic. Chronic pain can also be more generalized, which makes it harder to pinpoint its cause. Long-term conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis are often culprits.

What is Causing Your Pain?

There are many different kinds of pain. For instance, inflammatory pain is caused by the immune system and neuropathic pain is caused by nerve issues. Understanding your specific type of pain will help you pinpoint if the issue is chronic. It will also help you determine if you are treating the pain correctly.

Are Your Conditions Under Control?

Unfortunately, some health problems simply cause chronic pain. However, sometimes chronic pain means that your treatment method is not working for you. If you are dealing with chronic pain, then ask your doctor about trying a new treatment option.

Finding Help With a Clinical Trial

A clinical trial might be able to help your condition. Clinical trials allow patients to try the newest medical treatments. All doctor’s visits, tests, and medications are provided free of charge. Compensation is even available for some of these studies. Explore our website to learn more about clinical trials happening right now in the Houston area.