Getting your annual flu shot is one of the quickest and easiest ways to protect your health. And while this might sound like a basic fact, for people with needle phobias, it’s not so simple. Flu shot anxiety can be very serious. For many patients, it actually prevents them from getting the vaccinations they need. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to combat your flu shot anxiety. Read on to learn how to face your fears.

Pinpoint Your Exact Fears

You know you have flu shot anxiety. But what exactly are you afraid of? For many patients, pinpointing their exact fears is the key to finally overcoming them. For instance, are you afraid of the pain? Of vaccine side effects? Of needles in general? Get real with your fears so you can learn to finally address them.

Think of the Benefits

We know that getting shots can be scary. However, the alternative is often much scarier. While some cases of the flu are mild, others can be life-threatening. Getting your shot is an easy way to protect yourself. Plus, the flu shot also helps you protect your loved ones and others in your community. Thinking of these positives can help you feel less nervous before your vaccine.

Prepare For Your Appointment

Preparing for your flu shot will help you stay comfortable in the moment. Be sure to eat and drink something before your appointment and try to come well-rested. When the shot is being administered, make an effort to keep your arm relaxed. Tensing the muscle can lead to a more painful shot. Also, remember to breathe! It’s the simplest way to stay comfortable during the jab. Finally, talk to your doctor about your concerns. He or she can give you the right information and help you feel comfortable about the flu shot.

Schedule Your Flu Shot Today

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