Join the Fight: Houston Clinical Trials For COVID-19 Research

Coronavirus cases are still rising across the US. While we know that measures like social distancing can slow the spread, these measures are still not a cure for the disease. However, scientists are using clinical trials to research COVID-19. With these studies, doctors are learning how to treat the condition and are even developing vaccines. Houston clinical trials are bringing this research close to home. Read on to learn how people in the Houston area can help find a cure for COVID-19.

Are We Close To Finding a Vaccine?

Yes. In fact, several vaccines are now in the final phases of clinical trials. When people volunteer to be a part of these studies, it allows doctors and scientists to move faster. Your health is monitored at every step of the way, ensuring your comfort and safety. By participating in a clinical trial, you can be a part of solving the Coronavirus crisis.

Is Participating Dangerous?

Clinical trials are very safe. When a vaccine gets to the clinical trial phase, it has already gone through several rounds of safety testing. Patients are also continuously monitored during the study to make sure that they are healthy every step of the way. Furthermore, only patients who qualify are used in these trials, ensuring that everyone in the study is a good fit for the medication.

Where to Learn More

Visit Houston Fights COVID to learn more about Houston clinical trials for COVID-19. You can fill out a free, easy survey to see if you qualify for this study. You can also get more information and help to spread the word about this cause.

Houston Clinical Trials for COVID research

COVID-19 isn’t the only condition that is being studied through clinical trials. Patients with all sorts of chronic conditions are encouraged to learn more about research studies. DM Clinical Research offers medical care through clinical trials for conditions like diabetes, migraines, and more. To learn more about our trials, click here.

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COVID-19: The Importance of Worldwide Clinical Trials

COVID-19 is currently sweeping through the United States. While most of us are overwhelmed by this disease, scientists are developing plans to beat the virus. Worldwide clinical trials are an important part of that plan. Below, we will explain how these trials will help us better understand- and treat- this coronavirus.

Trials Are How Scientists Learn

Trials are how doctors and other scientists study diseases. This is especially important for COVID research because the disease is so new. Trails let doctors study how a disease like COVID spreads and also how people get sick. They can then share this information with the public so we can stay as healthy as possible.

A Chance To Test New Medications

Testing new medicine is another important feature of clinical trials. Drugs need to go through intense screenings in order to be approved for use. Clinical trials allow doctors to test new medications in a safe and controlled way. A clinical trial will be the place where any potential COVID vaccine will be studied.

Why Worldwide Clinical Trials Matter

COVID is a truly global disease, with millions of cases being diagnosed all across the world. This is why worldwide clinical trials are so important. These trials will allow scientists to study how COVID affects different populations. It also gives doctors a chance to compare studies. These studies mean that scientists will have a global network of research to pull from.

Trials Beyond COVID

COVID isn’t the only disease that is being studied through trials. In fact, clinical trials are what pushes all medical treatments forward. Doctors discover cures and perfect treatments during clinical trials. They do this with the help of their patients.

Clinical Trials in Houston

DM Clinical Research offers medical trials to patients in the Houston area. Our trials will help you better understand your chronic illnesses. They are also an opportunity for you to help scientists research treatment options. Explore our website to learn more about our trials.

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COPD: Health Tips for Patients

If you have COPD, then you might be worried about the coronavirus pandemic. While we all need to work to stay healthy, patients with lung disease need to be especially careful. Lung disease does not affect your chances of catching COVID-19. However, these diseases can make your symptoms worse if you do develop the coronavirus. Luckily, there are ways to manage your COPD. Follow these tips to stay healthy at home.

Make Lifestyle Changes

A lot of COPD patients are current or former smokers. If you are trying to manage your COPD, then it’s important to stop smoking. Cigarettes can affect your ability to breathe and make your COPD symptoms worse. They are also very harmful to your overall health. While it can be hard to quit smoking, a doctor can help you. Ask about prescription products, nicotine replacements, and support groups that might be helpful.

Improve Your Overall Health

Smoking isn’t the only lifestyle factor that can impact your COPD. Living a generally healthy life can improve your symptoms. Getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet can boost your overall health. It’s also important to monitor the air quality in your house. Portable oxygen tanks and air purifiers with HEPA filters can improve your symptoms.

Manage Your Medications

It’s also important to stay on top of your medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak. Make sure you have enough medication to last you in an emergency. You can also ask your doctor about home deliveries for prescriptions. Cialis gives the penis a lift only when sexually aroused. In the absence of arousal, you will not feel any erectile effects. Sexual intercourse after admission is not mandatory. Information that after taking pills for potency, ejaculation is necessary is rumours. The main advantages of Cialis include 36 hours of support (this is an absolute record), low probability of side effects, increased pleasure during orgasm, and easy therapeutic effect. More information at https://tadalafilhome.com/.

Are Your COPD Symptoms Under Control?

While COPD cannot be cured, doctors can manage a patient’s symptoms. However, different patients will respond to different treatments. If you have not found relief from your COPD treatment, a clinical trial might be the solution for you. These trials use new medications and technologies, providing treatment to countless individuals. Click here to learn about our newest COPD research study.

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How to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 and Other Viruses

Being prepared is essential to staying healthy, whether you are worried about COVID-19, the flu, or other types of viruses. While it’s impossible to guarantee that you will not get sick, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. If you want to avoid germs and keep your immune system strong, then follow the tips below.

Wash Your Hands Properly

This is perhaps the most important way you can protect yourself from any germs you might encounter. Use a hand soap and warm water to wash if possible. Scrub your hands for a full 20 seconds, and also be sure to wash the back of your hands and around your nails. You can also use hand sanitizer to clean your hands if the soap is not available. However, make sure the hand sanitizer contains 60% alcohol or more.

Avoid Spreading Germs

While washing your hands will protect you from germs, you should also try to protect others. Always cough or sneeze into your elbow. This will prevent the spread of viruses and will also protect your hands. It’s also important to stay home if you are sick, even if your symptoms are mild.

Boost Your Immune System

Protecting your overall health can boost your immune system and also help you feel better if you become sick. Try to eat a healthy, whole-foods diet and try to exercise. You should also prioritize your sleep and try to limit your stress. While this is easier said than done, it can help you feel better!

Keep Up On Chronic Illnesses

If you have a pre-existing condition, the COVID-19 outbreak can be especially scary. People with pre-existing conditions are more likely than the general population to get severe symptoms. Moreover, the chance of this increases if your chronic condition isn’t under control. Take charge of your health and protect your body, especially with viruses going around. DM Clinical Research can help you control chronic illnesses with trials for new treatments. Click here to learn more.

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Coronavirus: Should I Be Worried?

If you are worried about the novel coronavirus, then you should know you’re not alone. There is a lot of uncertainty about this virus, and it can be scary to face a potential health problem. However, learning about the virus can help you stay calm and feel prepared. Below, we will explain some of the basics of COVID-19.

What is Coronavirus?

The word “coronavirus” actually describes a family of diseases. SARS-COV-2 is the name of the coronavirus strain that is currently spreading. This causes a disease named COVID-19. COVID-19 was first identified in the Hubei province of China in December 2019. The disease itself is a respiratory infection. The most common symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, and a dry cough.

Am I at Risk?

Scientists are still trying to determine just how contagious this virus is. While many people will likely get the disease in the United States, it is estimated that about 80% of people will have mild symptoms. However, certain people are at risk of developing a severe form of the disease. Elderly people and those with chronic health problems are at the highest risk.

Should I Seek Medical Help?

If you believe you have the coronavirus, call your doctor for guidance before you visit their office. This will give the staff time to prepare so they can keep other patients safe if you are contagious. People with mild forms of the virus should self-quarantine and take over-the-counter medicine until they recover. Those with a severe form of the disease will require hospital treatments, such as ventilation.

Prioritizing Your Health

Staying generally healthy is a great way to keep your immune system strong. If you are dealing with chronic health issues, then it is especially important to keep up with your care. DM Clinical Research can help people with chronic illnesses find new forms of care. We are currently recruiting for clinical studies. Click here to learn about more. Need more information? Call us at 281-517-0550.


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