If you’re thinking about joining a clinical trial, then you probably have questions about the process. After all, medical research can be intimidating! Luckily though, there is nothing to worry about. Below, we’ll share 5 clinical trial facts to help you understand what happens during your journey.

1- Patient Safety is The Most Important Factor

Some patients worry that their clinical trial won’t be completely safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Treatments go through many different phases of testing. By the time they reach the clinical trial phase, they have already been thoroughly studied for safety. Plus, you will be monitored closely by doctors throughout the entire process.

2- You’ll Get High-Quality Healthcare

Studies are conducted by some of the top doctors and researchers in the country. This means that patients will receive care from industry experts. Doctors will work closely with you to monitor your symptoms and treatment, ensuring you get personalized care.

3- Your Treatment is Covered

During a clinical trial, all care is provided at no cost to the patient. This includes all medications, doctor’s visits, lab testing, imaging, and all other expenses. In some cases, patients are even compensated for their time in the study. Clinical trials are offered to all people for free, whether they currently have insurance or not.

4- There are Different Types of Trials

Not all clinical trials are for studying medicine. Some studies investigate alternative therapies, prevention, healthcare screenings, and also patient quality of life. Doctors need to study all of these things in order to best treat their patients.

5- You’re Doing Something Important

Clinical trials aren’t just a way to get healthcare- they are also a great way to help people. By participating in a study, you are helping doctors research conditions that affect countless people. Without these studies, it would be impossible for researchers to create new treatments.

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